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Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property (IP) is a complex area of commercial mediation encompassing trademarks, copyright and patent filings. Most forms of intellectual property dispute are appropriate for mediation and in the UK a court will increasingly expect parties to have attempted to resolve an issue independently before commencing legal proceedings. With significantly increasing Court fees this is trends is likely to continue.

A mediator’s role is not to make a decision on the dispute at hand, but to help arrive at an agreement that is acceptable to both parties. This approach is very often quicker and cheaper than legal action and opens the doors to broader discussions of licensing that can be positive for all involved.

Charles Middleton-Smith is widely experienced in Intellectual Property cases. Below are examples of some recent engagements in this area:

  • Copyright in software – public sector: payment of license fee
  • Counterfeiting case – software
  • Trademark and copyright case – medical and healthcare
  • Infringement of design right – major retail group
  • Trademarks regarding seasonal offering of global retail corporation
  • IP rights as disputed in insolvency case including misfeasance claim against former director
  • Trademarks in tyre product used in bicycles and other vehicles
  • Case concerning copyright in furniture design and branding
  • Case concerning copyright in glassware design and branding
  • Case concerning engineering and design solutions in the engineering sector

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