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Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers & Acquisitions

In my work as a lawyer I became fluent in the language of these transactions, including the accounting elements, deferred consideration, earnouts, pension and employment factors, and share options. I have mediated regularly against this background in a number of sectors.

These cases can involve interpersonal dynamics of blame and distrust which a good mediator must be able to address and enable a restarting of conversations which have become untenable.

Charles Middleton-Smith is widely experienced in Merger & Acquisition cases. Below are examples of some recent engagements in this area:

  • Corporate matter – Sale and Purchase Agreement, retail sector, high value, retention in dispute, final consideration, completion accounts, accountants reports, warranties, waiver and estoppel
  • International case – share acquisitions, deferred consideration, warranties and indemnities, chain of retail outlets, high profile, redundancy programme, debentures, legal charges, options, guarantees, escrow, Deed of Variation, claims for fraudulent misrepresentation
  • Claim for deferred consideration, counterclaim in deceit alleging Claimant had lied about the financial model of the Company
  • Joint venture case in pharmaceutical sector
  • Case concerning earnout calculations and liability – telecoms sector

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